06 May 2010

All Aboard the Train from St Petersburg!

Zaloza 027
 I can here the whistle blowing!  We’re leaving St Petersburg Friday night, actually 0030, for Zaloza, our village on Volga waters.  It’s an overnight sleep transition from urban comfort to a basic life still found in much of Russia.

My comfort wish is inverse to that of adventure.  I will miss hot water, any steady water .  Larissa reminds me that every June we have two or three weeks of “maintenance” with only cold washing possible, just as in the village.

We gain a lot… often warm sunny weather, a great place to read under the apple trees, an opportunity to study Russian without distractions.  Larissa will spend most of her time digging, planting, and tilling.  She loves to swim way out in the clean cool waters.

Zaloza 112

On arriving we will start eating early greens.  Our dacha diet of veggies, fruits, berries, with dry pasta and canned meat will replace our St Petersburg selection.  Twice a week the store truck parks under our shade tree, a social event when we buy food essentials.

This year I am bringing the computer, as we hear that a modem  by Megafon may make it possible to have good contact.  If it works, I plan to continue posting this summer.

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