01 January 2010

StumbleUpon and Winter Enthusiasm!

A little news from the St Petersburg Curmudgeon...

We  had a power failure throughout our apartment complex right before New Year's struck in.  So, 2010 left us in the dark for its first hour... a sign of things to come?  St Petersburg has had more snow accumulation than during the Blockade, amid talk of Global Warming.  The snow and subzero weather has made this the most beautiful Christmas since we arrived in 2000.

StumbleUpon unique...

I was astonished when an American Russia Observations post was viewed hundreds of times on StumbleUponThis megasite is one of the best places for surfing, searching, and meeting an online community of inquisitive intelligent people.

I've found some intriguing Russia sites with Stumble UponThere are many areas I want to know more about, so a visit to SU often gives me the happiness of finding something new!  I was randomly surfing a year ago when I found Book Mooch, wonderful people who swap books worldwide.

A toolbar at the top of your screen...

You can sign up for free and download the SU
toolbar.  First click Stumble  .  With the toolbar, you never need to sign in, and it will take you to random sites or your requested category.  My SU Nickname is RobbieMac0... that's zero, not letter O... which confusion indicates that I could have been smarter in a choice that I now can not change.

StumbleUpon has no ad clutter.  Some people pay to have content placed unobtrusively, but usually only 2% of viewed selections are paid-for.

How to recommend a site to StumbleUpon...

If you care to recommend our blog, or another, just Click on in the upper left of this page.  Then Fill in the address...  http://www.amrusob.blogspot.com/  for this site... and Click 'Add a review'.  First, it's vital to add a Topic... Russia for amrusob... then Write around three sentences on who, what, why, and Click Submit.

If you have a blog or other website, it's wise to have someone else submit your site... and not by the same someone-else too often!  Stumbleupon uses algorithms to de-emphasize self-serving participants.  I have studied how SU works, and I am happy to help you the Reader, if you would like to submit one of your blog posts or articles.

What to do after fireworks...

Fireworks can interrupt sleep this time of year in St Petersburg. If awoken in the wee hours, I'll check StumbleUpon.  The New Year's season may be a good time for you to do so, too!

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