30 December 2008

I Got No Money Honey!

Just about every day we check the ups and downs of the dollar in relation to the Russian ruble.
It isn`t so simple anymore, as the major currencies are moving targets, and therefore we are looking at more than one variable.
Now the dollar gets 29 or 30 rubles... but if each ruble is buying much less than before, than 29 rubles to the dollar may be barely keeping up, or may be falling behind in purchasing power. With even the true value of gold hard to determine, how can we do meaningful comparisons?
The scary question is where is a safe monetary haven? The answer in this crisis is... nowhere. The dollar may be replaced while the ruble may be devalued. It may be that dollars and rubles will become close to worthless. Then what do we do? With more unemployment it`s reasonable to expect more street crime and break and entries. Lets hope for some currency stability soon!

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